A visit to the murder house in Los Feliz. BUCKET LIST!

2475 Glendower Place

I have a friend. Let’s call her Kirsten.

Kirsten is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. She has a dad with a machete, so it’s best to have her on your team. A year or so ago, we were gchatting and she sent me a link to a story about a home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles that had been the scene of two murders in the late 1950s. From what peeps surmise, the owner of the home – Dr. Harold Perelson – found himself in financial straits, despite running a cardiology practice in Inglewood. That or he was depressed. One night in December 1959, he went bat-shit crazy and bludgeoned his wife to death with a ball-peen hammer, beat his daughter like, really badly (she got away), told the two younger children to go back to bed when they got up to find out what was happening (“It’s just a nightmare”) and poisoned himself with acid before the police got there. Case closed. (The three children are still alive but their whereabouts are unknown.)

But that’s not the nutso part. Apparently the house was sold the next year in a probate auction (whatever that means), and the two people who purchased the home (Emily and Julian Enriquez) never actually lived in it. They have since died, and their son Rudy – who is based in the valley – is now the owner. AND THE HOUSE REMAINS IN THE CONDITION IT WAS IN WHEN THE MURDERS TOOK PLACE.

I took my cousin and mom to see it last weekend, because – let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a part of such a miracle trip? (A disgusting number of pics after the jump.)

While they sat on the driveway, I took off screens (hey, other people had clearly totally done it), circled the estate and took pictures through the grimy windows before the neighbor across the way got mad. (Who buys the house across the street anyway?)

warm and fuzzy – it was Christmas!

As I mentioned, it was December when the murders took place. Through one of the windows, one could see wrapping paper strewn across one of the dated couches, which sat across from the era-appropriate television set. Some of the furniture in the living room was covered by sheets, except these two nasty mustard sitting chairs that creeped me the eff out. Combined with the SpaggethiOs packaging, Spic and Span cleaning supplies and WOMEN’S CLOTHES STILL DRYING ON A LINE IN THE HOME (do you think they’re dry yet) in subsequent rooms, the place was pretty much a shit show of paranormal proportions.

uh oh, 1950s spaghettios

I took a number of pics, which are posted here. The security was an absolute joke. A small chain-link fence traversed the driveway and “No trespassing” and “private property” signs stood out in the front yard. I think they were put up by neighbors. The fountain in front of the home was dry. The house was falling apart.

I don’t know if it was the history of the house that made it look so foreboding in the late-afternoon sun or if the house was just generally creepy, murder or no murder. The real serious problem here is: what in the world is this person Rudy doing holding onto a home in its original murderous condition? Quote: “I’ve never looked at it [the house] as being haunted,” Rudy said in a Times’ interview. “For a time I had two cats inside there and I had to go often to feed them. I still go there often.”

we’re going to need some febreze

The house is more than 5000 square feet, has a ballroom and real estaters estimate it could fetch as much as $3mm if spruced up. I need to speak with this Rudy Enriquez of Mount Washington STAT. Not cool brah.

More info: LA Times article

A full pictorial tour follows.

neighbors put it up

i wasn’t the first

first glimpse of mustard chair

laughing in the face of danger

until i see the door


is that a LOOM?

um, nice bar across doors

please pick up after yourselves

yep, life magazine

an effort to stop the leaks

the mustard chairs again

crawled through here

whose frickin car is that

stairs daughter took to flee house

the well is dry

but the guy inside is happy

one last look

this is how dirty this place is


82 responses

  1. I’m related to the Perelsons. The oldest daughter was raised with my mother after the murders, and I never knew about the situation with the house until recently. It’s amazing.

    1. Hi Sabrina, that is very interesting. So, are you still in touch with Judye Perelson (now known as jewelry designer Judith Hendler)? Do you also know her brother Joel and sister Debbie (now Debbie Gabler) as well? I bet you can tell us some very interesting stories…please do…

    2. Christina DiVernieri | Reply

      Hi Sabrina, this whole story is incredibly interesting. Dateline, 48 Hours interesting. Did the children grow up and live productive lives? Was there anything else they can add to what happened to their dad? With what happened to the family and then the new owners buying it and leaving the house the way it was its just so odd.

  2. Pretty neat adventure. Great pictures. What a weird house… or, more accurately maybe, what a weird guy who keeps it like that. 50 year old murder scene. Strange.

    1. It was a lot of fun! The house is beautiful. I would kind of be sad if they changed it now.

      However, that staircase is super creepy.

  3. I was just reading a TIL article about this house on reddit when I decided to do some research and came across this article. Seems creepy… Btw weren’t you kind of scared?

    1. You know, I was, but the weird thing is that it was a beautiful summer’s day in Los Angeles – my mom and cousin were there – the guy across the street was WORKING ON HIS YARD. Everything was so normal. If this had happened at night, aw ha-ell! I would have lost it.

  4. I’ve become interested in this house in the past week. A friend & I drove up to the house about a hour or so ago at 12:30 at night & it’s everything a horror director or writer would want in a home. It was eerie, dark, & the home was imposing from it’s position on the hill. Of course it was too dark to get pictures but we tried & hoping a neighbor wouldn’t come & yell at us. But for one to really get a spook I highly suggest just a drive by at night. I’m going to have to try & see it during the day but the witching hour for sure left us creeped out for sure.

    1. I definitely need to do an evening drive-by!

  5. Too cool! Nice looking fixer upper…. Definitely looks like the new owners used it for storage…

  6. The house is NOT in the original state as the murders in 1959. The Perelson’s possessions have totally been removed and all that you see is the current owners. It was lived in for a number of years after the murders. The owner most probably is a hoarder and to get that kind of storage space for only $2500/yr taxes, you can’t beat it. Sounds like he and his partner have some money so don’t need to sell.

    1. Woah! super interesting!! In that case, pretty cool how this became some kind of folktale.

    2. How do you know that Renee? Why do neighbours who have lived there since 1959 say that the house hasn’t been lived in since?

    3. Hi Renee…I was also wondering how you know that all of the Perelson’s possessions have been removed and that the house was lived in for a number of years after the murders. Please tell us all…we are curious and want to know!

  7. Great pics, oh and by the way you have great legs!

    1. Thank you!! Way to make my day better!!

  8. […] curiosity was slightly satisfied, later on, when Dobie sent me some photos of the interior he had found […]

  9. Went to visit a friend a while ago in Los Feliz and as we got in the car to go home in told my friend omg lets googled houses to visit in LF. I came across your blog and decided to go. We passed by am hour ago and omg it’s so creepy and exciting. It was too dark to take pictures we were also trying to be careful so the neighbors wouldn’t come out or call the cops on us haha. Thanks for sharing with us it’s was a fun late night adventure.

    1. I wonder if I would be able to go late at night…you are braver than I!

  10. Love the pictures

  11. But scary

    1. Definitely a scary place – esp. if you are frightened easily, like I am!!

  12. Somebody bit a flippy!

  13. I would love to get a hold of the owner. My husband and I run charity haunted houses and would love to use the property & history for a story line. I also would love to do a ghost hunt lock in at this place!!

  14. This is crazy! It does seem like lots of the things in the home are original, but if they were that messy they should have been featured on a 1950’s version of Hoarders. With no known whereabouts of the children, and keeping it that way for so long, you know there has got to be more to the story! I would love to peek in the upstairs windows. Next time, take a ladder !

    1. Hagaha! I wonder if I will have a next time. I would want to go at night, but I’m not sure I could handle it! You’re so right though – we need more info on the upstairs!!

  15. Wow, I’ve heard of this house before. I’d always heard that there were still wrapped Christmas gifts inside that were never opened, but it doesn’t look like that part is true. Must be the wrapping paper someone saw that started that rumor!

    1. It’s so funny, isn’t it? There are all these different stories about it!! Even the LA Times has a hard time getting answers…

  16. Just drove by the house yesterday. The street view is exactly like your pictures and I think it looks like a really nice house. Too bad its in such disrepair. There were cars parked in the driveway so I was too scared (of the neighbors) to go peek in the windows – thank you for those pics of the inside. I agree with what Stephanie (above) said – there must be more to this story, and am also interested in what Renee Davis said. Is it true that the family’s belongings were moved out and what’s there is what the new owners brought in? The items would likely be from the same time period since the house was bought just a year later, I think. And the stuff in some of the pics does look a bit like a hoarder.

    1. It’s such an interesting place. From the outside, it’s super foreboding to me. It’s almost like I feel like I need to see 85 kids running about with the sun shining right down to get rid of any of the negative vibes! Glad you got to see it!

  17. Hey! I came here because this tale has become some kind of a viral thing on Tumblr. Anyway, I found out (during my boring fluish friday) that the Life Mag cover that appears in the pic is the same of the issue of May 9 1960, what makes me feel a little bit dissapointed about the idea that the whole story could’ve been true 😦 Here’s a link of the cover mag: http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/life/1220-1.jpg

    1. SUCH a good catch! Maybe we can assume that the Perelson stuff is mixed in with the new homeowners?

  18. […] his daughter, and then drank acid. The house has been uninhabited since although the Christmas tree still stands and wrapped presents still sit on a […]

  19. Hi jenwhy2…Thanks a million for such an awesome post and absolutely amazing photos!!! I have been extremely fascinated with the whole Perelson murder house mystery thing for quite some time now, but I have not been by there in person yet…even though I live fairly close by (in Burbank)…I really want to go, but would like to go with others who are also interested…I would love to go with you or others who are interested. Does anyone want to organize a ‘field trip’ soon? 🙂 We need to somehow see the upstairs rooms, especially the bedrooms and the ballroom!

    1. Awesome!!! I would totally go; I haven’t been able to find anyone to go with me!

      I know there is an alarm system set-up because for awhile drug addicts were hanging out inside. I really want to see that upstairs…

      The scariest thing though just may be the neighbors…

      1. Crappity crap crap! I found this too late! I’m coming to town in two weeks and really want to take an afternoon for a visit here. Great blog and pics!!

      2. My iPhone is being a lil Frances Farmer right now. Sorry if this is a duplicate. Anyway, I’m peeved that I caught this post too little too late. I’m coming to LA in a couple weeks and have lots of creeper work ahead of me. This is the top of my creeper agenda too.
        Love the pics! A lady after my own heart

      3. Thank you so much!!! yes, go and tell me what you think about it! it was definitely fun.

  20. If any one is thinking about going inside: There is a burglar alarm!
    Also, with the structure of the house being in such disrepair, who knows is the stairs are safe? Or the floors for that matter..
    Take care of yourselves, please.

  21. I just visited the house for the 3rd time (last 2 times have been late at night) I had to google search to find the street name and found your hilariously written page with great pictures. Tonight was the first time we made it around back and saw the wrapping paper and truck. Anyhow I just wanted to say thank you for the pictures and awesome write up.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! You’re a braver soul than I to go at night…

  22. I saw a news article about the house and found your page. Excellent! Has the making of a horror/thriller, if only the owner(s) would aloow using the actual house.

    1. that would be sooo cool…

  23. I really wonder what is inside the two garages on the property…maybe some classic ’50s cars left by Dr. Perelson…including Judye’s sports car that was mentioned in the 1959 Los Angeles Times news article…

    1. That’s so interesting – I never thought of that and no one has mentioned it!

  24. I’m going to drive by the house again this weekend…I drove by a few weeks ago when it was raining and saw a couple of cars there and the driveway chain was unlocked…I know the roof leaks so maybe Rudy was there laying some more tarps or buckets down!

  25. Thank you so much for taking the time going to, and taking pictures of the old Perelson mansion and it’s interior. I’m surprised paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures haven’t proposed to film while conducting an investigation, or for a Halloween special. It’s just real sad. The interior also gives a feel that it was just used to film a 1950’s movie. One of the picks looks like there was vandalism (the one taken of one of the rooms). I wonder how much longer will the mansion remain there.

    1. Someone really does need to film there!!!

  26. amazing jenwhy 2 story. What about the truck plates in the back driveway. Run the tags. There is more to this story< Who pays the alarm company etc.

  27. In the picture of the staircase it looked like the basement door was barricaded by a bunch of boxes and furniture…just saying. Wish I knew about this place before I moved to San Diego!

    1. You should go there Halloween!

  28. […] more fascinating reading, including photos of the interiors, go here and here. Or just Google “Glendower Murder […]

  29. It’s bizarre to me that Rudy Enriquez will not sell the house. Apparently he’s a retired music store manager who lives in Mount Washington, which isn’t exactly the nicest part of LA, so it seems like he could benefit from the sale of a $3M+ home.

    He won’t live in it, he won’t sell it, he won’t clean out the Perelson’s possessions inside, and he won’t rent it out. He’s just letting it crumble into a sad state of disrepair. And yet…he comes to visit. It makes me wonder if he and his parents were either death hags, crime fetishists, or simply mentally unstable. The “investment property” argument is baloney – there have been plenty of market peaks when they could have sold the house and gotten a great return. Plus, the roof is now leaking and the house may be in such a state that it can only be torn down. How’s that for caring for your “investment?”

    I sympathize with the neighbors, who have to look at this eyesore and take it upon themselves to secure the property to keep vagrants out.

    1. the whole thing is sooooo weird!!!

  30. I would love to go in there and nose around. Too bad I live in central Illinois! I think they should charge money to have walk throughs of the house. Just leave everything like it is. Even if its not all original belongings, ya know people would want to go in there. I’d be the first in line, well, maybe second, just in case it would get a little eery. Lol Neat story and neat pics. The first time I’ve ever heard of this. Cathy

    1. it’s such a crazy story!!!

  31. Nice boobies!

    1. yessssssssssssss! this is the most incredible and inappropriate comment – i hope it’s not spam!

      1. When I move to California, I will plan on visting. Is there anyway if getting into the house it’s self? I don’t think I would set off an alarm if I could get into a window or something? What do you think since you’ve been there, did you see any places you could get into?

      2. You can try? It sounds like so many people have tried over the years that it’s pretty well-alarmed, I guess you could say. I do remember hearing that a lot of homeless people would hang out there so the security system is pretty strong to make sure that doesn’t happen!

  32. I’m sure no one will see this, but I went to the house last night for the first time, and wow was it CREEPY! Anywho I’ve been fascinated with the story and came across this blog and I did a bit of investigating..I saw the Spaghettio box in one picture and I found out that Spaghettios didn’t come out until 1965…which makes me think if any of the stuff in the house is only the new owners families..just a thought! 🙂

    1. This is such a good point!!!! The funny thing is – the scarier part of the whole thing is the new family who purchased it…in a way.

  33. I have to ask did you park in front of the garage? I am going to be in LA this weekend. Parking right there seems a bit suspicious. Best to go during the day, when people are at work?

    1. Great question! Yes, I think? There is a garage in the back, but there is a small garage or storage area in the front, which was where we parked. I would park a bit down the street and yes, a weekday would probably be better. We went on a Sunday. Have fun!

      1. We went during the day and as came up the street there were 2 cars parked in front of the garage and a UPS truck parked in the middle of the street. We backed up, went to look at Ennis house and came back. The cars were still there but UPS was gone. I took a chance parked right out front and run up the stairs. Its way more stairs than I thought! Took a few pictures and then ran back down. Next time I will park farther away and walk. Its was cool and creepy all at the same time

  34. I’m so jealous!!! I would love to go exploring the entire house. Awesome photos!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. let me know if you ever go!

  35. The house is soo beautiful and soo intriguing. I will have to visit one day.

  36. Just an update…it appears that the owner, Rudy Enriquez, has passed away:

    Hopefully the property will be sold so that somebody can finally clean up the eyesore.

  37. Another later artifact: that issue of the Post, the extremely faded upside-down one with Richard Burton on the cover, is from July 11, 1964.


  38. I’ve just read the whole page (amazing and the pictures too!) and comments and suddenly the last comment, Rudy dies!? And then no one has written anything else?! What has happened to the house now!?

  39. I was just there and so was the homeowner and his cats! He was very friendly, just visiting his house making sure things were normal(upkeep), he installed an alarm system since this so anyone who thinks they can break in well obviously you can’t because you’ll trigger the alarm lol

  40. wow…. we need a update from jenwhy2

  41. […] blogger Jen Clay’s account of a 2012 trip to the Perelson house here. That’s her photo to the […]

  42. As a courtesy to the LA Times reporter Bob Pool who originally wrote about this story and tracked down the details for which your friend found out about it… (which probably should have been linked to after you mentioned it in the first paragraph)…I’m posting it here. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/feb/06/local/me-mansion6

  43. […] reported in her blog My LA Bucket List, Clay crept up to the house, removed window screens and snapped photos of still-wrapped Christmas […]

  44. Stacy Astenius | Reply

    Hi Jennifer! I am a filmmaker currently working on a documentary about the house. Would you be open to doing an interview with us? We would love to hear your great story!

  45. […] A visit to the murder house in Los Feliz. BUCKET LIST! […]

  46. […] 2012, writer Jennifer Clay reported on her blog, My LA Bucket List, that she saw the fabled Christmas presents that were spoken of by prior visitors, when she […]

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